Key Services

T3m ltd provides personalized services for homes and small businesses integrating all technologies available today.  Descriptions of key services are provided below with additional service descriptions on following pages.

Tech with Ted

This is a unique service for your tech appliances, computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.  This provides regular visits to your location throughout the year to address necessary maintenance and security as well any specific technical issues or questions you have. Software, application training and problem solving are included.
The entry level of the service will provide a minimum of four visits per year and support one computer and one additional device (device, tablet, gadget, or additional computer).  Backups of files, photos, and critical information are included.  Additional device coverage and visits are available as needed or desired. 

Tech Selection and Shopping

Buying new computers, printers, smart TVs, and tablets can be intimidating.  Tech Shopping  sits down with you to identify your needs and desires then looks at the latest choices available.  A range of options are presented for your final selection and then purchased for you.  No box stores or salespersons.  It comes with an installation and setup that gets the tech in your house, connected, and working.


WiFi Upgrade

Today everyone has the latest devices and computers.  Unfortunately most people are still running them on the network that was installed over a decade ago.  To have the family run all their gadgets and still stream a movie may require an Upgrade  service to the old network.